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With new legislation, complex administration processes, and ever-changing regulations, it can be difficult for benefits professionals to stay up-to-date on the essential issues key to designing and maintaining an effective employee benefits program.

The following podcast series will feature a variety of experts in the benefits industry, presenting timely and important topics to help you successfully manage your employee benefits program.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Human Capital Strategy Series
Surviving the Three R's: Reassessment, Retrenchment and Reengagement

In a challenging economic environment, organizations reexamine their operational processes, business strategy and the resulting impact on their workforce. Often, the need to maintain profitability and stability results in a reduction in force. This four part podcast series examines Human Capital Strategy and how to successfully implement the three key phases of a RIF: Reassessment, Retrenchment and Reengagement.

Part 1: Human Capital Strategy
Human Capital Strategy is the connection between employees to the overall business strategy of an organization. When contemplating a reduction in force, employers must make strategic changes to reduce human capital expenses. This podcast will discuss best practices when establishing a new human capital strategy, including identifying operational inefficiencies, key talent versus key positions and the evolving company priorities affecting employees.

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Part 2: Reassessment
The reassessment stage of talent management focuses on evaluating your current and future business model and the workforce needed to achieve the business priorities. This podcast will address the importance of identifying and defining the pivotal roles and the highest performers with the potential to close the gap between your current workforce capabilities and your future workforce capabilities.

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Part 3: Retrenchment
Due to the organizational changes and emotional charged nature of a RIF, it is essential that all companies have a clear and detailed action plan for implementation. This podcast will discuss issues of critical importance including communications with employees, legal and compliance issues, compensation packages and the treatment of both employees being layed off and those remaining.

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Part 4: Reengagement
After a RIF, employee morale is low and employees are concerned as to the future of their jobs and the company in general. This podcast will discuss the role of management in effectively managing business operations and the needs of existing employees to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to balance their workload and remain motivated and productive.

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Jennifer Green, Green Global Resources
Pi Wen Looi, Novacrea Research Consulting
Jill Springer, HR Executive, Advisor & Consultant
Jenn Walsh, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.